Gotca Group Renewables has a proven and long history in the development, construction and operation of renewable energy assets.


We are experts in the development of renewable energy projects for further integration in an asset rotation policy.

Within the renewable energy spectrum, wind and solar photovoltaic energy are our main fields of action. To date, we have already developed a significant number of projects.Gotca Group Renewables can bring to life a wide range of projects in the renewable energy sector. Our flexibility and capacity to adapt are fundamental for the success of projects and partnerships, in new and current markets. The company is actively looking for new opportunities that allow it to grow.

We have the solution for your project

Whether it is for the development and production of wind and solar energy or for the provision of O&M services

Wind Energy
Solar Energy
Operation & Maintenance


Ability to materialise small and large projects

Over time, we have gained extensive experience in developing projects of different sizes. In particular, Gotca Group Renewables presents a portfolio of developed projects ranging from 0.6 MW to 1,000 MW. We are committed with success in each project, regardless of its size. We welcome any contacts made to rent land or explore development opportunities in the renewable energy sector.